The Anniversary

(photo taken by Matt Rubin in 1998)

Paper Brigade released The Anniversary's first song "Alright For Now" that was on a split with another Kansas band Proudentall in 1998. It's since out of print.

From Wikipedia: The Anniversary was an American emo band. They formed in Lawrence, KS in 1997 when Josh Berwanger, James David, Christian Jankowski, Adrianne Verhoeven and Justin Roelofs solidified a line-up that had been in flux for a year. After two years of playing shows across with the Midwest with bands like The Get Up Kids, Braid and Superchunk, The Anniversary signed to Vagrant Records.

Originally perceived as a poppy, keyboard-driven emo band with the release of their debut album Designing A Nervous Breakdown in 2000, they outgrew their roots and developed a stronger, classic rock influenced sound with the release of a split CD with Superdrag in 2001 and their second full length, 2002’s Your Majesty. After touring heavily throughout 2002 and 2003, The Anniversary began demo-ing tracks for what would be their third full length. But four years of constant touring and personal strains within the group led to the band’s demise in early 2004.

Four and a half years after their break up, Devil on our Side – a compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks – was released by Vagrant Records.