Saharan Gazelle Boy: Strange Teen Heart

Saharan Gazelle Boy: Strange Teen Heart

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Saharan Gazelle Boy is Darin Seal of Capybara.

Split release with our friends the amazing Kansas City based label The Record Machine. OUT NOW.

"Strange Teen Heart is the second Record Machine release for Saharan Gazelle Boy, a collaboration between Capybara's Darin Seal and Sea Change (aka Sarah Handelman). The EP is a super-quad of songs that conjure the love, loneliness and naiveté of teendom while continuing to develop the sleepy, bedroom pop of Saharan's Airplane's Can't.  

The melodramatic, synth-pop is the soundtrack for the shy, 1980s, pretty-but-doesn't-know-it high school girl in all of us.

This new batch of songs was recorded over the course of many sun-soaked afternoons, and we couldn't wait to get them out to you. A special co-release with the Record Machine and our friends at San Francisco-based Paper Brigade, Strange Teen Heart, is available on our website and will be released on iTunes later this month."