Paper Brigade started during the fall of 1998 in Kansas by Matt Rubin and is now located in Brooklyn, NY.

Since the 90s, Paper Brigade, has been a tireless advocate and supporter of independent music and art. After initially getting its foothold in the indie music community in Kansas with vinyl releases by bands like The Anniversary, Reflector and Proudentall, the label began evolving and addressing the ever-shrinking gap between the art and music communities. In the early 2000s, Paper Brigade refocused into a curatorial photography site and shared work by prominent photographers such as Bryan Sheffield, Ye Rin Mok, Robin Laananen, Cynthia Connolly, Noah Kalina, Pat Graham, Jeremy Weiss, Aaron Farley and Chrissy Piper.

Since that time, Paper Brigade’s Matt Rubin has worked at record labels, assisted in photography, helped with other types of publishing and played a role in Rubin Recommends, We Love You So, Virb and Squarespace.

In 2009, Paper Brigade started back up with the goal to release music that we thought was special, made by friends and the like.

Contact us: [email protected]

Paper Brigade logo by Mike Perry.


(Anniversary/Proudentall Split 7” 1998 PB-001)
(Reflector – ‘The Journal EP’ 1999 PB-002)
(Reflector – “Blue Skies / On the Table” 1999 PB-003)

(Saintseneca – “Saintseneca” 7” / Digital EP 2009 PB-004)
(Saintseneca – “Grey Flag” Cassette / Digital EP 2010 PB-005)
(Neighbors – “Hooligans” 7” / Digital EP 2010 PB-006) 
(Andy C. Jenkins - "Hazel Woods" b/w "Hog Ascendant" Digital Single 3/2015 PB-007)